Why I wear my BRA everyday, go with the flow & keep it real how I feel!

It’s been moon time for me this last couple of days ( moon time aka period ).  Often during this time each month I experience wobbles with my balance and health which arcs back to the dis….ease I eased myself from a few years back.  Sometimes it can be scary as I still have stuff I am clearing surrounding the past and how dis….ease effected my confidence. ?

Yesterday was a big day as I was firetending at a firewalk event so I knew I had to show up in life.  I honoured my body and took time out to take a bath and rest up, I also let me chap be my chauffeur for the day as I didn’t feel balanced enough to drive.  I was open and honest about how I was feeling and spoke to my friends, coaches and SiStars ?

Tomorrow we are going to a gig in Manchester to see Richard Ashcroft, we love him and have listened to his amazing music for years.  The thing is it’ll be busy, hustle bustle, noise, crowds…. ?

Once again this triggers my confidence issues as I used to struggle with this in the past due to sensitivity in my ears with noise and manifestations of feeling off balance.  I’ve spun out in these kinds of environments in the past and been really ill, that said now I know how to approach these kinds of circumstances differently now. ?

Rather than letting my dear friend and all the lovely firewalkers down I did things a different way, I went with the flow ( & my body’s flow ). ??

Rather than not going to the gig we are sooooo excited about and have a lovely hotel booked and magical evening away I am doing it my way.  Chilling out about it all, once again going with the flow. ??

Flowing with the stream is easy rather than swimming against it or trying to paddle our way through things.  Flow is ease ?

I went with the flow and honoured and am honouring my commitments. The fire was soooo healing ( more about that in another blog post) and I know the music, dancing, singing and magical time with my chap tomorrow will be healing too ???

The main thing which helps me to do this….. I’ll get to the point now lol ?

In addition to going with the flow and keeping it real about how I feel, as well as wearing my lovely purple and blue love heart bra I also wear my ‘vibrational bra’. ?

BRA stands for Breathe Relax Allow……

I wiggle my shoulders, wiggle my jaw, open my mouth nice and wide and take a nice big deep breath.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?




When we feel scared, fearful, worried, tense, dark and dense our bodies reflect that and tighten up thus causing the matching bodily reactions such as anxiety, panic and shallow breathing which then in turn adds fuel to the fire and spins us out of control.?

I experienced a lot of panic attacks whilst going through the thick of dis….ease and I know how they could feed the fears sometimes stopping me in my tracks, stopping me from fully enjoying life and showing up in life.  Stopping me from shining ?

Have you ever felt like this?

Maybe you are feeling it now?

Start with the basics ~ wear your vibrational BRA

Breathing into it ~ Breathing in life ~ Breathing in goodness

Relaxing into it ~ Relaxing with the natural flow of life

Allowing everything to be as it be ~ it is what it is

Its a way of letting go into the moment rather than projecting our fears out into our future experiences.

I made a little video walking down the lane with milo this afternoon, I’ll pop it at the bottom of this post so you can have a nosy once you’ve finish reading ?

Along with being truthful about how you feel, going with the flow and wearing your vibrational BRA I also recommend daily vibe clearing, just like we have a bath or a shower everyday before we put our actual BRA on. Wear 2 BRAs! Lol ?

You wouldn’t want your deepest private stuff bubbling up and flopping out all over the place now would you? ? especially not in public!

Cleanse and clear SiStars ????

Thats exactly what I’ve done and will continue to do.  I’m not saying it stops any wobbles, just like that lovely bit of boob at the top of our BRA, wobbles still happen lol ??

The wobbles are good, they help us clear up our vibes and move towards the life clarity we would love to experience.  I intended to experience lots and lots of lovely stuff!  Are you with me?

One of the other things I’m going with the flow on is SHINE S.O.S which was supposed to start next week, during all of these recent shifts and changes I am experiencing my new Mayan almanac arrived which clearly guided me towards starting this online coaching program at the end of July once the blue solar storm year has ended on the 26th July, so we will now be starting on Magical Monday 31st July which sees the start of the yellow crystal seed year which is puuurfect timing for us to SHINE! Bright yellow shiny crystals! ?

I’ll be teaching you lots more about the Mayan stuff in this course too, as well as supporting you to clear the crap which holds you back and SHINE SiStar SHINE ???

I have some magnificent and magical things planned for us! I am excited ??

If you would like to join us here’s the link ( I am in the midst of updating this page to include all the new learnings I will be sharing so it’s a trust your vibes kind of thing at the moment ) it’s evolving as I go along…. yes liz I’d love to learn more

thanks for being here, have a good old nosy around my website and see what you are drawn to, if you pop your details in the box to the right you will receive a free gift of my 8 week shine SiStar shine video program, we also have to shine sistarhood which offers you direct weekly support from me including weekly themes to explore and lots of lovely live videos in our private group here’s the link ~ SHINE Sistarhood here to support you

lotsa love and hugs

liz ???

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