When was the last time you felt relief ?

It may have come with a wash of tears 😭

It may have come with a happy dance 💃

It may have come with great news

How did that feel?

How would it be for you if you could feel that magical relief more & more in your life ?

What is it that keeps you in~tension ?

Why is it so in~tense ?

Your valve is tightly sealed 

The steam just can’t get out! 

Part of you feels like screaming “Why isn’t it working!!!! Why do I feel this way??? Why me why me why me why me????”

& whatever all of all of that represents for you….

We all get it

It’s part of the human condition ~ conditioning

Our brains are wired this way

& our bodies reflect it!


& all of all of that 💩

What if it could be different?

How would that feel?

Feeling more healthy & vibrant
Having more energy & flow
Thriving rather than striving

Allowing the valve to open & the steam of sadness release….

& B R E A T H E


When we connect with relief….. we release


R E L I E F ~ move the I & E around & you get


It’s time to do this thing called life a better way!

To feel relief more & more

To let go

To clear up

To cleanse ourselves from the inside out 🔮

Welcome to…..💓 O R G A S M I C  M A G I C 💓

A way to clear & cleanse old trauma held within our bodies ~ our wombs ~ our innermost depths of despair 😩

Lovely ladies!!


With our I N N E R  M A G I C 🔮💓

Let me show you how with Orgasmic Magic ~ we start on the 6th November & there are only a handful of places to join us…..

If you feel any resistance, wrongness, shame, guilt or maybe a little naughty, cheeky or uncomfortable then that’s cool too ~ it all is…. these are just the kind of feelings we are going to explore, heal & clear where required!

💡Ping 💡

Clarity is soooooo sweet! 🍭

Btw the meaning of relief

a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.
“much to her relief, she saw the door open”
synonyms: reassurance, consolation, comfort, solace, calmness, relaxation, repose, ease

“it was such a relief to share my secret worries with her”

Your secrets are safe with me lovely 🔮💜

We are all in this together ❤️

Sooooo excited to share this with you & any Qs send me a private message or if you like we can have a little chat on Skype or messenger 

I’m here for you & so are your angels & guides letting you know it’s time for this magical experience 😇

We feel it
We heal it

We can dance in the shadows & bring in the light 🌟

Divine feminine rising 💃

Boom 💥

The sacred circle is gathering 🔮

Here’s the link lovely one ~ http://liz-green.com/orgasmic-magic/

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