How to completely transform your whole life ? Clarity BOOM ?

 When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

When was the last time you cleared your vibes?

For me clearing my vibration is like brushing my teeth I do it every single day and it’s completely transformed my whole life!

Well, you wouldn’t want to be walking around with furry, plaque covered, rotting teeth and smelly breath now would you ?

It’s exactly the same with our vibration, our vibes.

What we vibrate we create!


We are vibrational beings, we tune into how things feel and instinctively know if someone or something has bad, negative or heavy resonance.  We are drawn towards that which is light, uplifting and fresh. The universe and magic is exactly the same.

We are like magnets, like birds of a feather who flock together, like peas in a pod, like tuning forks pinging together.

Whats your tuning fork pinging right now?

Frustration? Lack? Fear? Self judgment? Doubt? & all of all of that shit ?


Flow? Abundance? Confidence? Love? Faith? & all of all of that delicious feeling stuff ?

The not so good feeling stuff is the contrast, it always has an opposit which is the clarity. This is the polarity of life.

What I’ve come to understand on a spiritual level is that it’s all ok, even if it doesn’t feel that way ? Our “job” here on earth is to clear up on the crap stuff, to recognise when we are stuck in patterns and cycles and uncover where they are manifesting from.

When we feel it we can heal it. 

Vibe clearing can be simple or complex it depends what you choose, the intention and power behind it is what matters.

I live in a stunning place in the countyside, thanks to my years of vibe clearing, and once I reached a level with my clearing, I created shifts in my reality, moving house, manifesting a whole new life I once only dreamt of, ok it’s not perfect and that’s cool ~ Imperfect = I’m~perfect ?

Before then I was doing some pretty complex and intense vibe clearing . I also had lots of support from my coaches and spiritual SiStars, I still do as without this I would have backed off at those really shit and scary points when you don’t think you cant do it!  Do you know what I mean?

I also started to appreciate where I was at the time, yes it wasn’t easy as I was going through a lot of said shit ? I just kept going, picking myself up, clearing up and moving onwards and upwards.  This is evolution ?

its much more simple now as I walk in nature each day allowing Mother Earth, pacha mama to support me.  I’m much more in tune with the spiritual “work” at hand, each day it’s a process which I create sacred space for.  Sometimes I cleanse whilst I go about my day, as I shower I imagine all of my contrast and shadow stuff to be washing away, morning poo time ( sorry I know tmi lol ? ) I am flushing away my vibrational shit too ??. My Henry the Hoover vacs up way more than just dog hairs and dust, the bin collectors take away my vibrational rubbish too.  When I coach other SiStars I cleanse the mirror they shine back at me, we are all in this together.?

I also look for symbolic meanings all around me and tune into synchronicity, the universe guiding me each step of the way. It truly is magical once you get into a flow of it and see how bright and shiny you can feel more and more of the time.  Just like your pearly whites glinting as you smile at how wonderful life can be ?

If you aren’t smiling enough right now or feel you would like support and sistarhood ? I’m here for you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ?

I offer one to one Skype and in person clarity coaching, the SHINE SiStarhood ?, SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program & lots and lots of other magic ? see what you feel drawn to lovely

yes liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE SiStarhood

yes liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE S.O.S

yes Liz I’d love to learn more about one to one coaching

I am very excited for you and if you haven’t experienced my irresistible freebie shine sistar shine pop your details in the box to the right to get started straight away ( I promise to look after your email address lovely ? )??

I made a video to share more about my passion for vibe clearing and how its transformed my own life. From dis….ease to ease ?

Enjoy watching it below….

Lotsa love and hugs

liz ???


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