The do over….

Challenges are Opportunities

Opportunities to change, transform & transmute….

“Definition of do-over: a new attempt or opportunity to do something after a previous attempt has been unsuccessful or unsatisfactory”

I’m not saying that whatever we’ve done before now isn’t good enough or that we aren’t good enough ( I know I have that part of me judging myself too )

It’s all just as it’s meant to be

We are right where we are meant to be

& It really is ALL IN DIVINE ORDER

The thing is it doesn’t always feel divine & that’s the shit bit 💩 ( let’s be honest here )

We can feel all kinds of frustrations, disappointments, lack, stuckness, fedupness ( is that even a word lol 😆 )

We frigging well feel it !
& it can’t be denied !

We’ve gotta feel to heal it 
To understand it
Accept it
Be with it

Then we can choose to change….

We can understand the challenges we face…

& How they are created from our habits, patterns & cycles…

Our vibration ~ Our resonance

They come to us in all kinds of different ways

Sometimes we share them with others or sometimes they are just our own

Sometimes unseen & unknown

& We make excuses
& We stay small

Bless us !!

We are alive at such a powerful time here on earth 🌏

We have freedom of choice !

We have the freedom to create what we desire !

We have the ability & practical magic available to us to pretty much be, do & have anything we set our hearts on ❤️

Not just in a Material sense, yes that’s nice too

But in a spiritual purposeful sense….

The sense when we feeeeel we are living our purpose…

When we feel ALIVE !

When life feels ALIVE !

We are open to the magic
We feel excited by the possibilities

Synchronicities abound
Signs flow thick and fast
We feel it
We know it !

& Magic happens…

Doors open…

We are in flow….


When was the last time you felt like that???

Maybe time for a do over?

I’m doing my do over…. Fresh start February ( yes I know it sounds cheesy )

I’m going away on retreat next week
& when I come back
Fresh new me

Yes I’ll still be liz
& I’ll still have my “stuff”
My baggage
My shit to transform into manure 💩

But I’ll keep doing it
I’ll keep going

So today I’ve shared a fresh start February Shamanic Coaching tapping clearing Healing magical sesh over in our SiStarhood to get the balls of transformation rolling 🎱 & I’d love to invite you to join us too!

Let’s do this !

We are strong powerful confident women

Divine feminine rising !
Balancing with divine masculine
We are it all….

This is our YOU~ni~verse

Our life is our song to sing & we can start a fresh at any time….

No time like the present 💝

That’s why it’s called a gift 🎁

Thanks for being here lovely one 💖

I’ll see you where I see you, hopefully in the SiStarhood….

Big love
Liz ❤️

Ps Here’s the link for the SiStarhood 😁 ~  We do fresh starts every week!  You will love it!

Pps if you are local to me let’s meet up we have our women’s wisdom powwow on Saturday afternoon (3rd Feb, they are always the 1st Saturday of each month) I’d love to see you for tea chats and of course hugs ~ email me back ❤️

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