So tired ~ tired of working…… It can be different my lovely ?

 The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.  The tunnel is…… The problem is that sometimes this illusory and sometimes painful tunnel can seem like its never going to end ? My truth is this…… We … Continue reading

Law of attraction not working? Thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be?

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The 3 C’s! With Contrast Comes Clarity with Clarity Comes CHOICE…..

When you know what you don’t want you can then flow towards that which you DO want….  Without knowing that which we don’t want how would we even know that which we DO want….. This is the first step  – … Continue reading

WHat to DO (or DO NOT) When Law of Attraction Isn’t Working….

When the Law of Attraction isnt working here’s what you do… or do not do… It’s up to you 🙂 ❤ For more about my MoJo AkA my Magic and Sparkle CLick Here – The Truth About Liz Green LOA … Continue reading

Where’s My Stuff!?!? Are You Frantically Hi HO SILVERing Towards Your Desires?

Do you ever find yourself wanting something so much that you would do near enough anything to get it?  We can be talking about anything here – from the big to the small, from living your dream to just getting … Continue reading

Why Law of Attraction May Not Be Working in Your Life…. The Magic 6 Letter Key to Success!

Ask, Believe, Receive….. The Genie of the UniVerse will provide…. All Your Dreams and Desires can be your reality with the Law of Attraction. It’s true! It really is!  Let me share one of the key factors which sometimes gets … Continue reading

The Art of Allowing is the Absence of Doubt – Manifesting Magic with the Law of Attraction

Say this with me ~ “The speed at which Law of Attraction will manifest my desire is in direct proportion to how much I am allowing.   Allowing is the absence of doubt.” How do even just saying this make you … Continue reading