Choosing the Path Less Travelled – One Year On & Going Strong

“But… What are you going to do?”  “How could you just throw away 14 years of building a career?”  “What if things don’t work out?” “Are you really sure you want to do this?” It was one year ago this … Continue reading

Ever Feel Like You Are Going Round in Circles? Put a Positive Spin on Your Life!

Sometimes life can be a little like groundhog day, going round in circles from one day to the next.   Monday to Friday work routines, family routines, squeezing in the things you want more of into weekends and holidays.  Sound … Continue reading

Think Outside the Box – Make a Positive Change in Your Life

Do you find yourself in the same situations in life time and time again? Feel like you are running around on the treadmill of life? Maybe now is the time to think outside the box… Meaning ~ “Thinking outside the … Continue reading

How to Take a Leap of Faith & Become Your Own Boss

Have you made the decision that you want more in life than the daily grind of the 9-5 J.O.B or your existing business, which may not be fulfilling your passions, but you’re not quite sure what move to make next? ~ Taking … Continue reading