★ VIP Exclusive ★ Manifest YOUR Ideal Law of Attraction Seminar with Michael Losier ★ VIP Package ★

I am VERY Excited to announce that Mr Michael Losier has agreed to a FABulous VIP Exclusive offer for his Law of Attraction Seminar in London 10th September….. This is your opportunity to purchase your choice of ticket packages and … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action! WE have LIFT off! Tickets Live Michael Losier in London!

Tickets are LIVE and on Sale for Mr Michael Losiers Law of Attraction Seminar – Live in London 10th September 2011… I am SO Excited and SO happy to be involved in all of this 🙂 You can purchase tickets … Continue reading

Michael Losier UK Seminar UPDATES! EXcitement Galor & Much Much More!

WHOOoooHOOOoo It’s all happening for Michael Losier’s UK Seminar bring it on! I wanted to share some more EXcitement and updates with you my fellow positive thinkers – SO EXcited to see you all there ❤ Thank you for stopping … Continue reading

❤ Soul Path Callings ❤ Being Open Hearted & Aligning offline ❤ GoTCHa!

After a recent Soul Path Workshop I feel SO open hearted and look forward to aligning with many people offline as well as online…. Follow your heart and soul callings ❤ Connect with Stephanie J King here – Channelled By … Continue reading

STUCK? Law of Attraction in Action ReMinDer! – Something We Sometimes Forget

Sometimes when we get “Stuck” we can forget a very important part of seeing the law of attraction in action in our lives….. Just sharing a little reminder to help you keep your dreams alive 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping … Continue reading

★ Campaign to Manifest Michael Losier Law of Attraction Seminar Live In London ★

Have YoU Heard the NEWS? Michael Losier, Author of Law of Attraction – The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you dont, has aligned with Me (YaY!) (AkA – Liz Green AkA The Law … Continue reading

LOAsier in ACTION! Aligning offline, Clarity & Surrendering to the UniVersal Manager

The Law of Attraction in Action is AMAZING! I LoVe LoVe LoVe it…. I know this evidence and the up and coming Michael Losier Law of Attraction Seminar here in the UK EXCites you as much as it does me! … Continue reading

Clarity & Co-Creation at it’s Best! LOA(sier) in Action!

When I left behind life as I knew it and started out on my Law of Attraction journey I quickly realized it wasn’t about finding myself – after all I didn’t consider myself lost.  I just wasn’t very happy with … Continue reading

YOU are the Star in The Movie of Your Life – Hows Your Script for 2011 Looking?

You are the star, the hero, the number one.  This is the movie of your life…. If you had a chance to write any script for 2011 what would it be?  What are your wildest dreams?  What would you love … Continue reading