Know Thyself with the All Seeing EyE ~ its time! Can you feel it?

Its wild wet and windy here ~ had my washing out a few times and brought it back in ~ decided to take the easy path to drying it inside and popped my heating on in the end πŸ˜‰Β  Had … Continue reading

Death Rebirth Surrender Release ~ Toadstools Hens & the Magic of Life!

I am sat here contemplating whether or not to type this post here today or go and make a video of this spectacular toadstool I saw on our walk today ~ it was massive and a few of you have … Continue reading

Serendipity ~ Treasured Friendships ~ The Delicious Colours of Life

I have seen SO many rainbows over the last few days ~ yes the rain has been pouring, the wild winds and storms crashing and gushing ~ between all of that the delicious colours of life have been shining as … Continue reading