Dark Side Vs Light Side ?

I have found myself talking (& laughing) about the “dark side” a lot this last few weeks in particular this week ~ maybe cause thats halloween today and its being subliminaly programmed into me by the conscious collective πŸ˜‰ its … Continue reading

Shelter from the rain, clearing & a sighting of something spectacular!

Its taken me more time than expected to come and share here today ~Β  I just kept getting sent off track with one thing and another ~ knowing from my inner spirit that its not “off track” at all ~ … Continue reading

Delve into the Darkness? The Shadow Side & My Take on Allowing the Light

Its bright and early here in England, just enjoyed a delicious bowl of porridge and a cup of ginger tea in the garden, appreciating life, nature and my newly planted purple and yellow pansies πŸ™‚ Β delish! I am on a … Continue reading