Releasing Limiting Beliefs About Money – EVERYONE Should Know About This… LightBulb Moment!

Everyone has limiting beliefs about money – here is one which you may be hanging onto without evening knowing. I learnt about this from a recent prosperity consciousness seminar with Fredric Lehrman. Simple yet effective, spread the word πŸ™‚ Once … Continue reading

Riding the Wave of the Economic Tsunami ~ Is Your Head Above Water?

WHHHHHHooooooooooSSSShhhhhhh!Β  That’s all it takes….Β  Jump up and ride the wave or crash beneath the water.Β  With the great Bruce Lee in mind I chose to flow like water, jump up high and ride this wave towards my dreams and … Continue reading

How to Allow More Money to Flow into your Life

Are you a spender or a saver?Β  Do you hold onto the money coming into your life like it’s about to run out or do you freely spend whatever shows up and expect lots more of it?Β Β  I feel it’s … Continue reading

Prosperity Consciousness – Attracting Wealth, Financial Freedom & Money

Β What is Prosperity Consciousness & how do you improve your financial situation or take it to new levels of abundance….. The world & the universe is filled with abundance in all area’s it’s all about how you look at things……. … Continue reading

Wealth Creation Money Riches Financial Freedom – The Key – Money is Energy

Β So how do you attract money? Sometimes it’s hard to believe it will fall from the skys into your hands, take inspired action like Liz is then set your intentions. How much money would you love to attract in 1 … Continue reading

Using the Law of Attraction – The Secret to Creating Financial and Personal Freedom

“What you think about you bring about” “have an attitude of gratitude” “go with the universal flow.” That’s all good and well I hear you say but how can I be positive all the time and attract the life I … Continue reading