STUCK? Law of Attraction in Action ReMinDer! – Something We Sometimes Forget

Sometimes when we get “Stuck” we can forget a very important part of seeing the law of attraction in action in our lives….. Just sharing a little reminder to help you keep your dreams alive πŸ™‚Β β€ Thank you for stopping … Continue reading

The Secret Behind The Secret – When You Are Ready YoU Will Hear It :)

The Secret is a superb introduction to the Law of Attraction, it’s the tip of an absolutely outstandingly wonderful ice-burg which serves as a great starting point to introduce people to The Law of Attraction, it is also the beginning … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Manifesting Magic – The Power of Words & Thoughts – The Power of 2!

I would love to share a really powerful way to manifest magic in your life using the Law of Attraction. I call this the Power of Words & Thoughts – The Power of 2! Excited to learn more? Read on… … Continue reading

Lisa Nichols & Patrick Combs a special big THANK YOU message

Grateful with a capital G! Thank you Lisa Nichols & Patrick Combs for such an amazing inspirational Beyond Discovery call. I feel like a new woman πŸ™‚ whoo hoo! Details of next weeks special guest to follow soon πŸ™‚Β  You … Continue reading