How to Deal with Negative People & Situations – Moving on from the Inside Out….

Do you ever find yourself saying “Why, Oh Why do I keep finding myself in the same negative situations or surrounded by the same kind of negative people?” Β Do you sometimes feel you are going round in circles when it … Continue reading

The Power of Positive Thinking – How to Stop Negative Mind Chatter

Positive thinking is a very powerful way to improve your life in so many ways. The power of the mind and our thoughts really does shape our world around us. Even the most practised positive thinkers still have to deal … Continue reading

Day 5 ~ Gratitude & Appreciation in the Malvern Hills :)

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen shares her inspiration about showing appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful things you experience in life. Expect a wonderful and fantastic week ahead πŸ™‚ enjoy β™₯β€’β€’*´¨`*β€’.β˜†β€’Β  and if you do share and re-tweet ~ … Continue reading