The Law of Vibration Universal Law – Check Your Vibes – Trust Your Vibes!

The Law of Vibration is one of the 12 Universal Laws. Everything and everyone vibrates and like frequencies are attracted to each other. We tune into the same vibrations for everything in life and attract via our thoughts feelings and … Continue reading

The Law of Attraction & Then Some…. 1 & 11 to Living a Magical Life

When I first learnt about the Law of Attraction I got the goosebumps, how about you? The more I learnt and the more I practiced it the more magic I saw happening in my life. To start with it was … Continue reading

The 12 Universal Laws & 21 Sub-Laws Everyone Needs to Know for Success in Life

There isn’t just the Law of Attraction you know! The Secret made the Law of Attraction very well known, but without learning about the other universal laws and mastering these ones too you may be left high and dry when … Continue reading