Law of Attraction Summit 2013 ~ SO excited to share this with youhoohooo!

I have been invited to share my vibes on a sooper dooper Law of Attraction Summit alongside lots of wonderful pioneers of positive change!Β  I am inviting you to join this summit for FREE ~ how cool is this? here’s … Continue reading

Firewalking my way to BIG releases

Shopping in the Positive Vortex ~ Magical Macrame Gratitude bracelets hand made by Liz ~ Gratitude Bracelets & get this……The Law of Attraction Believers Community 21 days of magic is growing! More info about the LAB Law of Attraction Believers … Continue reading

With GREAT Contrast Comes EVEN GREATER Clarity…… WoWzer and BIG FAT PHEW!

I share from the centre of my heart today this just has to come up and OUT of me….. I guess a way to release the energy of what’s been bubbling and popping in the cauldron of Liz-ness over these … Continue reading

With Contrast Comes Clarity – When we know what we DONT want we know what we DO DO DO!

When we do new things we are going to have contrast which comes up as we are not sure how things will go – I have this too – Just had to share more…. come for a drive with me…… … Continue reading

Dealing with Negativity, Negative Situations & Contrast – Here’s How to Get Positive Clarity

Its all about how you look at things, feel things, see things…. YOU can change this – you can take the bounce, get the clarity and ask How Does it Get Any Better Than This….. Positive Clarity FEELS Great! πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

The Truth Within, Beliefs & Following Your True Path, Purpose & Passion

We all have our own truths what we believe within, when we know what we should be doing we have to go for it. To follow our true path purpose and passion in life πŸ™‚Β β€ Thank you for stopping by, … Continue reading

Law of Attraction The Secret Which Everyone is Now Realizing Works! At LAST!

It was about 7 years ago I first read the Secret & started to learn about the Law of Attraction as the journey unfolds it becomes clearer and clearer, once you get clear about what you want there is a … Continue reading

LOAsier in ACTION! Aligning offline, Clarity & Surrendering to the UniVersal Manager

The Law of Attraction in Action is AMAZING! I LoVe LoVe LoVe it…. I know this evidence and the up and coming Michael Losier Law of Attraction Seminar here in the UK EXCites you as much as it does me! … Continue reading

Clarity & Co-Creation at it’s Best! LOA(sier) in Action!

When I left behind life as I knew it and started out on my Law of Attraction journey I quickly realized it wasn’t about finding myself – after all I didn’t consider myself lost. Β I just wasn’t very happy with … Continue reading

Abraham Hicks Freedom Living the Dream & The Law of Attraction – Yes it’s all possible :)

Loving Abraham Hicks it’s all about FREEDOM living the dream, you can live your dream with the law of attraction, it’s true πŸ™‚ Learn more here…. Help me Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back – Share & … Continue reading