Magical Life Weekly Guidance Video ~ Feathers from the Angels & Re~Connecting with YOU

I am SO excited to be sharing this new level of flow with you 🙂  Each week I will be recording a universally guided message of hope, inspiration and clarity to support you to reach for new levels of happiness … Continue reading

Abraham Hicks the Emotional Guidance Scale Process

I always use the emotional scale – in my life – in my coaching – to feel better and better and better….. I love that I manifested the wonderful Jerry Hicks sharing more details about what the Emotional Guidance Scale … Continue reading

It’s All About How You Feel! Start Your Day the Abe Way…. Abraham Hicks & Getting into the VoRteX ♥‿♥

We are here to enjoy life.  Life should be easy.  When you get into the Positive VoRteX of life the VoRteX does the work for you ♥‿♥ Sometimes we can slip back into “old ways” and jump out of bed … Continue reading

Dear Friends….. A Message from Abraham Hicks….

Dear Friends, Although you’ve always been surrounded by the evidence of the Law of Attraction, a conscious awareness of this powerful law will be activated within you as you experience these beautiful cards; and your deliberate control of your experience … Continue reading

Message From The UniVeRse – Your Guidance – Your Sign – My Excitement!! LOL

Messages from the Universe are PoWeRFuL in so many ways, lifting your mood, bringing you synchronicities and signs. Helping you to be guided to a brighter life 🙂 Vibe Spreading Feels Great – Share & re-tweet – I appreciate you … Continue reading

WHat is the VoRteX & How do you Get in??? VoRtEx Activation!!

Yes ok, ok I am still talking about the VoRtEx – When something is SO good you just cant help it!! lol… Here’s how I see it. Be positive activate your vortex and everyone around you might do the same … Continue reading

Andy Dooley (DoOdLes) Yeah Baby! RiGhTbAKatCHa & Thank You Fellow VoRteX Activator!

tHaNk YoU AnDy!! your videos are fab!! Loving TuT messages from the Universe too – you and Mike rock – keep shining your universal lights 🙂 WooP WooP 🙂 What a sHiniNg StAr! Keep the vortex videos flowing, keep inspiring … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Manifestation – Thank YOU Abraham Hicks! :)

Loving what I am learning from Abraham Hicks… Law of attraction manifestation law of attraction in action! Heres how…. 🙂 Here’s the link to watch The Secret Behind The Secret here on my blog – Click here to watch Help me Spread … Continue reading

The Secret Behind The Secret Abraham Hicks – I Believe!

The Secret Behind The Secret helps you to learn more about Abraham Hicks through Esther Hicks – Jerry and Esther hicks also share more about how Abraham arrived to share with us all…. Just wonderful! Here’s the link to watch … Continue reading

The Secret Behind The Secret Abraham Hicks Talks Law of Attraction

Sometimes you just need to fill your ears with the positive vibes of Abraham, thats how I felt this morning.  Maybe you are the same, feeling like its your time to fill up your cup and soak up some law … Continue reading