Doing what we think we should do Verses what we feel…….

  Helllooooo lovely ones 🙂 how are you? I hope the flow is flowing and all is well.  In case it isn’t know that its all just as its meant to be….. Trust the process 🙂   It is what … Continue reading

An Evening with Wayne Dyer Gave Me More ME! Thank YOUs to Wayne!

LOVED an evening with Wayne Dyer…. FABulous ViBes and nuggets of wisdom shared and soaked up… Thank YOUS to Wayne 🙂 Let me share some ViBes with You here today 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥ … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick spiritual growth facilitator

Our special guest is………….. Tuesday August 3rd at 5 PM EST (US) / 10 PM GMT (UK) …Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the early 1980s when she had a remarkable experience that awakened her to the understanding … Continue reading