New Vantage Points ~ Healings & Energy Shifts ~ Can you feel it ?

Had a magical day today ~ lots of out and about~ness which is fab ~ looking forward to some nice fresh salad for tea shortly and then Place in the Sun Home or Away with a nice glass of vino … Continue reading

My own personal miracle! I healed myself!‏ β˜…

I have some very exciting news to share by way of inspiration….. Just under 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Menieres Dis…ease (I knew at the time why I had manifested this and knew I could heal) one of … Continue reading

Access Consciousness Clearing Statements Questions & Becoming Totally FREE, Healthy & Well

This is UnQiue and I feel it definitely helped me with my healing journey from Meniere’s Dis…..ease – I LOVE to learn about new healing processes and look forward to having a remote bars session soon….. More updates to follow! … Continue reading

You Can Heal Your Life Louise L. Hay ~ The Movie ~ Release, Surrender, Heal :)

You Can Heal Your Life is such a beautiful awakening movie which everyone should see.Β Β  I know this to be true on a heart and soul level ~ See what youΒ feel about itΒ πŸ™‚ You can watch the movie online here … Continue reading

You Can Heal Your Life ~ Choosing the Self Healing Journey

We all have illness at some point in our lives, it may only be a short-term illness we need to get rid of or a more serious disease.Β  Whatever it is, whilst it is happening in our lives, it can … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Jason Crigler Star of Life. Support. Music.

Transformational Tuesday is BACK! Patrick’s special guest is ………….. Jason Crigler Tuesday August 31st at 5PM EST (US) / 10PM GMT (UK) Jason is the subject of the award-winning documentary Life. Support. Music. which aired on PBS’ POV series in … Continue reading

Feel Great About Life Follow Your Passions – One Life Live It!

Liz completes her Path of Wellness which finishes off in an amzing way talking about living your life the way you feel you should and letting your spirit and soul sore, feel the vibes coming through…… Also exciting news about … Continue reading

You Can Heal Your Life – Positive Thinking Helps Healing

Liz continues on her path of wellness, she shares some changes coming up along her own self healing journey from Menieres Dis…ease (NOT Many Hairs! lol…. Menieres is a disease of the inner ear causing vertigo & deafness), Liz is … Continue reading