Death Rebirth Surrender Release ~ Toadstools Hens & the Magic of Life!

I am sat here contemplating whether or not to type this post here today or go and make a video of this spectacular toadstool I saw on our walk today ~ it was massive and a few of you have … Continue reading

What Happens When We Just LET GO & Surrender ~ I did & it was magical!

I have had a BIG FAT LIGHTBULB Moment today! Β It was one of those WHOOAAAHHH! Β Yes ok I am listening I promise I AM Moments….. This morning I had my 5th Breathing and Rebirthing session (Thank YOU Reina = AMAZING) … Continue reading

20 connected breaths ~ conscious breathing rebirthing technique ~ For GREAT Health & Wellness

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How to breathe properly & live a vibrant life

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Breathwork & rebirthing techniques / experience

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I am realistic ~ I EXPECT Miracles….. Hows about you?

Hello there my lovely’s ~ I was just about to pen a mailer to everyone when I had an inspired thought to share more here for the world to see….. You see its been a miraculous few weeks for me … Continue reading

ReBirthing & Breathwork in PERU was Out of This World!

Re-Birthing and Breath-work I did in PERU changed my whole life… Breathe it all in…. Ahhhhhhhhhh Β πŸ™‚ β™₯ URPICHAY! β™₯ β™₯ “I am doing my best, so you can receive my best to give it to others.” β™₯ Thank you … Continue reading

β™₯ So it Begins β™₯ Life is Calling β™₯ Life on a Heart & Soul Level β™₯

Have you ever had the feeling you have to be somewhere no matter what? Β Its as if there is a voice within you calling you towards certain things in life…. I always find myself saying things like “See how you … Continue reading