Turning Un~Happy UP~Side~UP ~ Happiness is a Way of Being…..

After being crowned as the Queen of Happiness in the newspapers this month and interviewed on BBC Radio as one of the happiest people you will ever meet I felt inspired to share a little more here today…. My vibes … Continue reading

Liz Green The Happiness Queen on BBC Radio ! Positive Vibes Prevail!

Very grateful for the clarity this interview brought me ~ how does it get any better than this? … Continue reading

Magical manifestations ! BBC radio interview with ME yipeee

It’s only day 2 of may the source be with me ~ connecting to source theme for my May 21 days of magic n I’ve manifested been on the radio! … Continue reading

How to Let Go of Habits and Limits Which Hold You Back……

As you start to FEEL better the circumstances around you will start to mirror your feelings ~ you always see a reflection of  you and your vibes so once you turn it around and focus upon how you do want … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action! Manifesting being in the Newspaper……

What else is possible?  How does it get any better than this?  I am totally appreciating this magical manifestation !  WHOOHOOOOO! … Continue reading