Fredric Lehrman Prosperity Consciousness & Surfing the Economic Tsunami – Bring it On!!

Fredric Lehrman is one amazing guy! He teaches Prosperity Consciousness & is in the UK when I will be spending a day with him at his intensive workshop Surfing the Economic Tsunami – Bring it On I am super excited!! … Continue reading

FREDRIC LEHRMAN Intensive Workshop Surfing the Economic Tsunami

We live in uncertain and challenging economic times. Our daily lives and business environment are directly affected by what is happening on a global level. In order to surf these economic waves we need practical strategies….

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Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction & Gratitude

There is one key way to manifest money when working with the law of attraction, Liz’s day is filled with synchronicities showing her the BEST ways to attract financial freedom. A simple gratitude practise which everyone can do on a … Continue reading

Attract Money Financial Freedom & Wealth Law of Attraction Mind Movie

The universal law of attraction is a powerful way to attract money, create wealth and have financial freedom. β€’β˜†.β€’*´¨`*β€’β€’ Sit back relax and enjoy this money mind movie…. Watch the magic happen β€’β€’*´¨`*β€’.β˜†β€’ Created by Ian Wood at LiveYourDreamMentoring.Com β—β˜†β— … Continue reading