Positive Affirmations, Quotes & Inspiration to Help You Create a Better Life :)

This wonderful sunset positive affirmation video will help you to refocus and realign your thoughts to a positive level helping you to work with the Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction to bring amazing things into your life. Sit back … Continue reading

How to Stay Positive in REALLY Bad Situations….. Love & Loss, Life & Death

I write this on a very difficult day, to loose someone you love can be one of the most traumatic times of life. I have lost loved ones, close friends and animals in the past and found it very difficult … Continue reading

The Power of Positive Thinking – Expect the Best Transform Your Life

Expectation is a powerful force, whether you expect something good or bad to happen. In any situation in life the force behind your expectation will bring about expected outcomes in life. Using positive thinking expecting the best outcome is a … Continue reading

Create the Feelings of Abundance, Greater Freedom, Joy & Adoration

An uplifting mind movie to help you release limiting beliefs and reach new levels in life. Our collective intention is to create the feelings of abundance, greater freedom, joy and adoration. You can Be Do & Have anything you desire in … Continue reading

Change Your Thoughts & Actions Transform Your Life

Liz finishes her path of results… If you are looking for different results in life you need to look at changing the way you do things, the actions you are taking and also the way you are thinking…. This is … Continue reading