Transformation with Mental Alchemy ~ LIVE Gifted Show with Liz Green

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What to do when things don’t go to plan

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Very Nice High Vibes Law of Attraction Question and Answer Co-Creation

Tune into Very Nice High Vibes Chat Show with Liz Green & Jackie Wood πŸ™‚ Co-Creating with positive vibes and fun, cherry picking from the best of the best….. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Thank you for … Continue reading

What Pebble Are You Throwing in the Pond?

The ripple effect. Β The Flow if life. Β Everything is energy. Β Moving flowing unfolding moment by moment…. What pebble are you throwing into the pond of life? Is it a smooth one which will easily skim over the waters creating beautiful … Continue reading

pOsiTiVe ViBeS – What You Put Out You Get Back β™₯

You Gotta Love the Old Chestnuts! What you put out there you get back – what goes around comes around! Have Positive Vibes! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚ Vibe Spreading Feels Great πŸ™‚ Share & re-tweet – I appreciate you β™₯ With Positive … Continue reading

Trust the Process – Go with the Flow – Stop Paddling Upstream in Your Life

Sometimes when things dont go to plan in life you just have to trust the process go with the flow and stop paddling upstream trying to make things better and fix things… It’s true! When you trust the process you … Continue reading

Whats Holding You Back When You Get the Feeling Go for It!

When you get the feeling you should be doing something got for it! Whats holding you back? If you dont go for it you will never know what might have been….. Help me Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World … Continue reading

Create a Magical Monday filled with Positive Vibes & Inspiration – Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen Interview

Magical Monday….. Carl Munson Barefoot Broadcaster Presents ~ Liz Green – Law of Attraction Queen – on The Barefoot Broadcast ~ Listen with your Third Ear ~ “I live by the Universal Law of Attraction in action, playing with the … Continue reading