Simple Pleasures – Sometimes it’s the Little Things in Life which Shape Your Day

I am sure you have heard the old saying ~ Wake up and smell the roses ~Β  Sometimes in life this is what we need to do and these simple pleasures can improve our days.Β  At the time it may … Continue reading

Create perfectly positive days & watch your life flourish!

Do you sometimes get caught up in your thoughts when it comes to Positive Thinking and your mindset with regards to the things you desire in life?Β Β Do you worry about how or when things are going to show up? Maybe … Continue reading

Be the BEST Possible Version of You! Love Life Be happy Be Positive

Liz inspires you to love your life, to be the BEST version of you, be happy be free love life live life enjoy it and watch the magic happen πŸ™‚ Enjoy! Β Help Liz spread the positive vibes around the world … Continue reading

Focus & Belief – Mastering the Law of Attraction

Are you looking to attract specific things in your life? Do you know what you want but would like to master getting it? Focus ~ the concentration of attention or energy on something Belief ~ to have confidence in the … Continue reading

Abundance, Wealth & Financial Freedom Affirmation

Written by Joe Vitale and is designed to be said daily for thirty days to bring about a definite change in your life. Enjoy! I am the source of all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds … Continue reading