Re~Cycle those habits patterns and cycles that no longer serve…. Online workshop

When we make the conscious choice to let go of the feelings thoughts and emotions that no longer serve then we can start to change our cycles habits and patterns for the better. Β Its time to let go of yesterdays … Continue reading

Release Stress Anxiety and Tensions Online Workshop & Heart Meditation

We are here to love life. Β To have fun. Β To be happy relaxed and chilled….. If you are feeling anything other than this I am feeling you will enjoy the clarity which comes from this online workshop ~ Release Stress … Continue reading

What to do when things don’t go to plan ~ Transforming Your Life with The Power of Appreciation

I am excited to share this online workshop with you πŸ™‚ here’s lots more info…. When uncertainty and lower level emotions come~a~knocking appreciation is your KEY to opening the doors of relief…. I have found myself in a couple of … Continue reading

Ready to Release & Rejuvenate? How to get Back in Flow & GLOW…..

Do you feel its time to let go of thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, places and circumstances which no longer serve you? Have you been experiencing negative contrast and feel sick of stuck~ville? Maybe you know its time for change and … Continue reading