Lets Make it Positive – The Universe is OneSong and You are Singing Your Part :)

UniVerse – Uni = One – Verse = Song…. Lets make it positive the universe is one song and you are singing your part, how exciting is that! πŸ™‚ Help me Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back … Continue reading

Imagination quotes to inspire positive change in life ~ Motivational Mind Movie

Motivational quotes to inspire you to use your imagination and live the life of your dreams. Β Anything in life is possible all you need is the belief…. With Positive Vibes & Love, Liz β™₯ PS ~ If I can help … Continue reading

Yes We Can! Liberation for the Nation

Do you think anything in your life will change if you keep saying No, I cant, maybe but….. Things will just stay the same… If you truly want to liberate your life you are going to have to change your … Continue reading

Janet Atwood Inspiration to Change Your Life – plus 3 great questions for you :)

Janet Atwood Inspired me today I wanted to share and inspire you too πŸ™‚ If you are not enjoying things in your life you have the choice to change things. You just need to have the faith and trust that … Continue reading

Gratitude is Your Path to Riches & Creating a Vision Statement

The Path of Riches is the Path of gratitude… simple – be grateful for what you have got first and foremost, this is key. Liz also shares her vision statement from day 3 co-creating our reality… Things are hotting up.. … Continue reading

Feel Great About Life Follow Your Passions – One Life Live It!

Liz completes her Path of Wellness which finishes off in an amzing way talking about living your life the way you feel you should and letting your spirit and soul sore, feel the vibes coming through…… Also exciting news about … Continue reading

The Law of Attraction & Wellness – Take Good Care of Yourself

Liz starts the Path of Wellness, number 1 – when working with the Law of Attraction you need to take good care of yourself first and foremost, like attracts like make sure you are the best you can be πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

YOU are the Most Important Person in Your Life – Be Positive About Yourself

Β Liz starts the path of relationships on her personal development journey “take 2” when it comes to relationships people often think about relationships with others first and foremost you need to focus on yourself. Respect & Love yourself, be positive … Continue reading

Success Quotes to Inspire & Ignite ~ Go for it!

Liz Green & Ian Wood founders of Live Your Dream Mentoring bring you this motivational video to inspire you to success in life. Enjoy!Β  Spread the positive vibes, share & re-tweet πŸ™‚ LiveYourDreamMentoring.Com Learn how to create the life of … Continue reading

Positive Thinking – Plant the seeds of your dreams

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen playing with the universe and finding Law of Attraction evidence & proof all around, it’s true! A great way to look at your thoughts…. seeds to be planted nurtured and watered, your dreams and … Continue reading