How to be OK with the Negative Contrasty Crap of Life….. & Our Next Best Steps to Take…..

Its a beautiful life and everything is in perfect divine order ~ I know it may not always seem that way and it certainly hasn’t for me this week ~ that said it really is all about the way we … Continue reading

Taking a New Point of View on my Illness and Disease (aKa Dis….ease)

If you know me already you will know that I call my Disease Dis….ease and I completely understand and appreciate that it is a manifestation of stresses and strains basically being out of ease with life – being uneasy – … Continue reading

Soothe Yourself Better….. Laugh Out Loud & Take the Bounce!

I sit with rainbows shining from the beautiful crystals in my window as the sunshines through and brightens up my evening. I just had to share a little post here with you all this evening…. Β I am so GRATEFUL to … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease Finding Balance & Feeling Well – Healing Disease

Finding balance for me was Key, here are a few tips which help me feel well on my healing journey from Menieres. I am so happy and grateful I am in the process of manifesting my ideal health and LoVe … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease Alternative Treatment that Works Like MaGiC! Amazing Results :)

For me this Alternative Treatment for Menieres Disease is a Miracle, I know it works well for others as well. Some people need to take it for a few months or so before it gets into your system, it IS … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease & Manifesting My Ideal Health – From Disease to Ease…

It’s been a long time coming I have to share more about how I am helping myself and getting better and better everyday. Here I share more about my story – Meniere’s Disease & Manifesting My Ideal Health – From … Continue reading

Natural Herbal Treatments & Remedies for Meniere’s Disease – What works for me :)

This is the first “official” post I am sharing about my journey so far with Meniere’s Disease, after receiving a number of e-mails and comments asking more about what works for me I chose to look upon my Meniere’s as … Continue reading

You Can Heal Your Life – Positive Thinking Helps Healing

Liz continues on her path of wellness, she shares some changes coming up along her own self healing journey from Menieres Dis…ease (NOT Many Hairs! lol…. Menieres is a disease of the inner ear causing vertigo & deafness), Liz is … Continue reading