Charis Brown Malloy & Liz Green Share HIGH Vibes Pioneers of Positive Change

gratitude donations appreciated and accepted with love 🙂 … Continue reading

In Great Appreciation for What IS & Eagerness for What is Coming! WHOOHOO!

In total appreciation – sharing more vibes about the 100 days of appreciation and meditation as well as an urge for an appreciation rampage which just flowing out of me! yipeeeeeeeeeeee! :))) I appreciate YOU! :))) ♥ URPICHAY! ♥ ♥ … Continue reading

100 Days of Appreciation & Meditation Appreciating the Appreciation and ViBes

Let your mask down and dance baby! EVERYbody Plays the FOOL…. I am SO Appreciating taking part in the 100 days of appreciation and meditation – Appreciating YOU and all of this magical unfolding 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, … Continue reading

Visualization Meditation – 5 Pillars of Success – Step 1

The 5 pillars of Success – exciting stuff! Working with these 5 pillars will transform your life. Here Liz shares the 1st step Visualization & meditation, powerful stuff 🙂 Where Does Liz Get All these Positive Vibes From? From Daily … Continue reading

Day 3 ~ Meditation & The Power of Now

Playing with the universe on day 3 of the personal development journey ~ putting the universal power of the Law of Attraction to test. Liz shares her positive vibes about meditation and the Power of Now…. There’s a nice little synchronistic suprise at the … Continue reading