11.11.11 BIG Leaps F.E.A.R & Excitement ~ Whats in it for you?

This is the start of a very special week, new paths, fresh starts, its all happening for all of us…. Β  Time to spread your beautiful wing and fly high…. FAB Friday is 11.11.11 ~ I am certain you know … Continue reading

1111 BIG Meaning – Awakening to A New Life Path – ExCiTiNg StUfF!

11.11, it’s all about the 11’s – This is a HUGE sign from the universe that you are awakening to a new life path – a new direct in life. The 11.11.10 is special day and as we move forward … Continue reading

11:11 Starting a New Phase & Cycle in Your Life Path – Awakening to a New Life

Numerology shows many significant meanings and signs throughout everyone’s lives.Β  If you are anything like me then you will notice when these number signs show up in your life.Β Β  Nearing 11.11 I felt inspired to share a little more about … Continue reading