Abundance is ALL around…..

Shopping in the Positive Vortex ~ Magical Macrame Gratitude bracelets hand made by Liz ~ Gratitude Bracelets & get this……The Law of Attraction Believers Community 21 days of magic is growing! More info about the LAB Law of Attraction Believers … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Money Energy – Receiving it & LoVing it! :)))))

Law of Attraction & Money can have many of us in a spin – heres some energy from me about receiving and loving money energy – allowing more of it to flow into your life. As well as some celebrations … Continue reading

★ VIP Exclusive ★ Manifest YOUR Ideal Law of Attraction Seminar with Michael Losier ★ VIP Package ★

I am VERY Excited to announce that Mr Michael Losier has agreed to a FABulous VIP Exclusive offer for his Law of Attraction Seminar in London 10th September….. This is your opportunity to purchase your choice of ticket packages and … Continue reading

How to Win the Lottery Using Law of Attraction – Can I Win It?

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Are You Holding Onto Blocks About Money? This Will Help….

The Law of Polarity – Everything has a polar opposite good or bad.   This is the Contrast and Clarity, when you know what you don’t want in turn you know what you do want.  Focus on the Good things you want … Continue reading

One BIG Limiting Belief About Money Everyone Should Release! It’s Easy :)

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The Law of Attraction & Money Made Simple – How to Attract the Money You Desire

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Releasing Limiting Beliefs About Money – Here’s a great one to let go of!

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Releasing Limiting Beliefs About Money – EVERYONE Should Know About This… LightBulb Moment!

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How to Increase the Flow of Money in Your Life – A Simple Shift which Works a Treat

There can be so many hidden factors holding back the flow of money into our lives.  Beliefs stay with us from infancy all the way through our lives, our job is to recognize these limiting beliefs and release them. I … Continue reading