Predictions for 2014 ~ Supporting you to Connectwith a More Magical Life

As we approach the end of the year it felt good to share my take on predictions and what’s going to happen in our worlds this coming year…. I’ve also loved creating and sharing my vibes on some Q’s you … Continue reading

Why wait till we are dying to truly live the life we have? NOW is GOOD! What say you?

I am feeling really inspired by the threads I have been following this week….  It started with some magical connections from past loved ones and a magical Monday movie night when we watched Now is Good with Dakota Fanning ~ … Continue reading

If its sticking out like a sore thumb how can we ignore it???

I was back at the hospital this week for my dressing changing on my Thumb and it felt so good to see how well its doing ~ how amazing our bodies are ~ melding back together and healing with the … Continue reading

I have gone all RED! & the symbolic meanings of red hair….

I am feeling all red and firey!  If you know me you know I dont do things by halves if I am going to do something new I go for it!  Thats what I did with my hair…. On magical … Continue reading

Tuning into the Universe in more ways than one!

Feeling SO tuned in today!  What an ahhhhmazing week of clarity it has been… I am excited to share it all with youhoohooo and appreciate you being here 🙂  You can keep up with my daily video diary here ~ … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Law of Attraction ~ Whats Lurking in the Shadows?

To shine a light on a more magical life sometimes we have to go into some dark rooms…. or forests 😉  Hope you like the picture I took this morning….. I am learning to be more and more ok with … Continue reading

Shining a Light on a More Magical Life… Whatever that be for you…

I had an interesting walk this morning, after being up since 5am with monkey mind chatter I was feeling rather frustrated with a little dash of anger mixed in.  The feelings were coming up due to some buttons I have … Continue reading

Know Thyself with the All Seeing EyE ~ its time! Can you feel it?

Its wild wet and windy here ~ had my washing out a few times and brought it back in ~ decided to take the easy path to drying it inside and popped my heating on in the end 😉  Had … Continue reading

Fire Rituals ~ Runaway Labradoodles & Connecting with Starseeds

I had a fabulous (& very warm) evening of clearing with some more fire rituals last night…. I just couldn’t resist making a delicious video to share with you….  I must add that after I made this video I felt … Continue reading

Synchronistic Connecting ~ Co~creating ~ Meditation & Magic! An invite…

WHOOOHOOO!  excited to share this with youhoohoooo 🙂  How much fun can we have together? I love to run magical Meet ups here in the beautiful countryside of Upper Denby, that said I know not everyone can be here in … Continue reading