Perchance to Dream & A Date with My Soul….. I’ve been here Before!

I LOVED being on Perchance to Dream – A real eye opener…. BIG Stuff is unfolding and I am SO EXcited! YOu can watch the Perchance to dream interview here……. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember … Continue reading

Invitation to Soak Up the Vibes – The Truth About Liz Green The Law of Attraction Queen ♥

Bertrand Dory of Design Your Dream Life Interviewed me recently – this Interview was off the cuff unscripted from the heart and soul.  I invite you to soak up the vibes and enjoy learning more about the story of my … Continue reading

Dare to be the Grandest Version of You – Be all you can Be! Truth or Dare….

If someone told you that you could become the grandest version of you, if you only had the guts to move towards that version of you, would you believe them? Do you have an inner longing to do something significant … Continue reading

Choosing the Path Less Travelled – One Year On & Going Strong

“But… What are you going to do?”  “How could you just throw away 14 years of building a career?”  “What if things don’t work out?” “Are you really sure you want to do this?” It was one year ago this … Continue reading

Dare to Dream – 7 Steps to Living Your Dream Life

Do you harbor a secret yearning? Or perhaps you ditched your dreams long ago in the belief they’d never come true. Well, now it’s the time to think big again with our life-changing plan for fulfilling your desires in seven … Continue reading

Taking the Path Less Travelled to ~ Purpose, Power, Attraction, Results, Relationships, Wellness, Riches & Liberation

In Life ~ One Door Closes Another One Opens… Today is my final day on my Personal Development Journey “Take 2”, it feels strange to type final day as I know like I know that I will continue this personal … Continue reading

How to Take a Leap of Faith & Become Your Own Boss

Have you made the decision that you want more in life than the daily grind of the 9-5 J.O.B or your existing business, which may not be fulfilling your passions, but you’re not quite sure what move to make next? ~ Taking … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Consciousness & Co-Creating Your Own Reality

Liz shares inspiration about consciousness and how we can co-create our own reality being led by the universe. We need to choose to move towards our desires using our feelings as our guide and taking the choices that match up. … Continue reading

Positive Energy Effects Everything in Your Life – Keep Your Vibes High!

When it comes to attracting the things you want in life positive energy is everything… Keep your energy high and keep your positive vibes flowing. This will not only nourish you but everything and everyone around you too 🙂 enjoy!  … Continue reading

Day 7 ~ Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Release Limiting Beliefs

Liz continues her personal development journey and experiences the uncomfortable feeling of stepping outside her comfort zone and releasing limiting beliefs. enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• help to spread the positive vibes, share and re-tweet if you enjoy 🙂 … Continue reading