A BIG Huge Thank YOU from Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen

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Had a LightBulb Moment? It’s All About What Kind of Light You Shine….

If you know me you will know by now that I am a Pioneer of Positive Change, I lead by example, play with the UniVerse, follow my dreams, feel the fear – change it to EXcitement go for it and … Continue reading

Interview with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen – Spreading the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back ♥

I was recently interviewed by Bertrand Dory of Design Your Dream Life on the Law of Attraction Radio Show I would LoVe to share it with you here today and hope to inspire you on your journey 🙂 Part 1 … Continue reading

HoW ArE YouR NeW YeaRs RevoLutions HoLding Up? ArE YoU HanginG on in TheRe or HaVe YoU FoLded? 21 Day MaGiC ♥

Revolutions, Resolutions, Revelations – Whatever you set it matters not, what matters now is how you are hanging on in there…. 21 Day MaGiC may be just what you need ♥ We are well into 2011 and now is the … Continue reading

Why DO We Think We Have to Go Through the Rough to Get to the Smooth? Who Told US This LIE!?!?!

“You have to go through the rough to get to the smooth”  “It’ll be hard going but give it a go and you might make it” “It’s not easy to follow your dreams” hummmmmmmm…..  I’m not sure anymore….. Just over … Continue reading

Surely There MUST Be More to Life? Sometimes Life (& Money) Seems Unfair Until You Know This….

The rules of life…. “Always be on time; always do your very best; work really hard, strive for greatness; always go the extra mile; there is no gain without any pain and always always remember never give up, no matter … Continue reading

Snow Falling All Around – Beautiful Snowy Views in Yorkshire :)

Manifesting Beautiful Snowy Views….  This is just near where I live in the Beautiful Countryside of West Yorkshire 🙂 enjoy! Help me Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back – Share & re-tweet – I appreciate you ♥ … Continue reading

Imagination quotes to inspire positive change in life ~ Motivational Mind Movie

Motivational quotes to inspire you to use your imagination and live the life of your dreams.  Anything in life is possible all you need is the belief…. With Positive Vibes & Love, Liz ♥ PS ~ If I can help … Continue reading

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change – It’s True!

Wayne Dyer quoted When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. I practice this in my life and can assure you it works. You can move from a negative viewpoint to living a … Continue reading

Celebrating 11.11 Your Opportunity to Awaken to a New Path in Life

On November 11th everyone will have an opportunity to shift up into higher dimensional realms of knowledge, in a sense, being presented with a new door that will lead us home to our Soul’s wisdom and truth.  It’s at times … Continue reading