♥ THANK YOU PERU! I LOVE Life I LOVE Me I LOVE You ♥ Rampage of Gratitude ♥

Ahhhhhhhhhh  Breathe in Life :)))))  After being at and returning from our recent event in Peru (aKa PERU-Fect) I am experiencing and have experienced HUGE life shifts which I am still processing on a personal level…. I am certain lots … Continue reading

Fresh Starts & Hostess with the Mostess on Wonderful Wednesdays – YaY!

I am SO EXcited to have a regular slot on the LIfepath Unlimited Fresh Start calls every Wonderful Wednesday morning, first week off to a flying start talking about being the best possible version of you. Recording to follow soon … Continue reading

Wendy Lipton-Dibner Shatters Your Speed Limits – Beyond Discovery Inspirational Interview

***** Your FREE Guest Invite to join Our Beyond Discovery call ***** Saturday 22nd January 2011 @11am US Eastern / 4pm UK Wendy Lipton-Dibner Shatters Your Speed Limits Join Richard Kronick and Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards this Saturday with their special guest, … Continue reading

Do You Feel Like You Have Taken a Wrong Turn on the Journey of Life?

Fear Not….. You are not alone!  Life is a series of twists and turns right from the moment we start to stand on our own two feet.  We can be influenced in so many ways by which choices to make … Continue reading

Lisa Nichols & Liberation – Liberate Yourself No Matter What!

Exciting News! Whoo hoo! Liz is SUPER Excited Lisa Nichols star of the secret and best selling author of No Matter What is a guest on the Beyond Discovery coming up on Tuesday… To feel totally liberated is one of … Continue reading

Who am I – Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen – Who Are You?

 With special thanks to Patrick Combs for Inspiring me to do this…. Who am I? We change we evolve as our days, weeks and months go by…. For now this is who I am, I feel this in my heart … Continue reading

Positive Thinking – Plant the seeds of your dreams

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen playing with the universe and finding Law of Attraction evidence & proof all around, it’s true! A great way to look at your thoughts…. seeds to be planted nurtured and watered, your dreams and … Continue reading