Letting go of the NEED to Control & Becoming a Magnet for MIRACLES Online Workshop

Ever feel like you are holding on to life too tight? Β rowing upstream ~ clinging on ~ worrying ~ needing ~ wanting and never quite getting? β™₯ Would you rather be feeling in flow ~ happy ~ light hearted ~ … Continue reading

BIG Miracles ~ House Sales ~ Letters to the Universe & Trusting the Process….

Hellooooooo! Β πŸ™‚ Β I hesitated completing this blog post at this particular moment as I have just had a call from our Estate Agents saying Β our buyers and A~OK and all is confirmed so long as we are ready to go … Continue reading

Disease despair powerlessness & the SCALE ~ DAY 3

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Law of attraction disease & manifesting illness sickness & feeling crap

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