Machu Picchu Positive ViBes & Emotions Bubbling up in the City in the Sky

sharing ViBes from the city in the sky machu picchu – dreams do come true…. This will stay with me forever! PERUfect! :)))) β™₯ URPICHAY! β™₯ β™₯ “I am doing my best, so you can receive my best to give … Continue reading

Machu Picchu City in the Sky Breathe It ALL In….

Enjoy soaking up the magnificent views from Machu Picchu the City in the Sky – This was THE MOST amazing trip of a lifetime….. If you are thinking of visiting – GO FOR IT! :))))) Amazingly amazing :)))) β™₯ URPICHAY! … Continue reading

Acceptance EXcitement & Clearing the Way For Machu Picchu! WHOO HOOO City in the SKY its here!

Its good to release stuff, sometimes it can create energy…. I am releasing and flowing onwards an upwards – the EXcitement is building clearing the way for Machu Picchu – as I sit and type this today it is the … Continue reading

What I Thought About I Brought About In a BIG Way! Thoughts Become Things – It Really IS True – Read This….

Is the Law of Attraction Really Real? Β Is it really a magical way to manifest your wildest dreams and desires? Β Can everyone do it? Yes, Yes & Yes! I only share that which is real, that which I have experienced. … Continue reading

21st Century Law of Attraction – Everything in Life Plays to Your Vibes! Test this Out & See :)

We create everything in our lives…. It’s Law. Β The Law of Attraction in Action! πŸ™‚ A great way to see how our thoughts, energy, feelings, focus, vibes are flowing is to play the Law of Attraction IPOD game. Childish maybe…. … Continue reading

The Law of Attraction in Action Everything Happens for a Reason for Everyone!

OOOOOoooo I LOVE it when this happens…. The Law of Attraction in Action! We are all connected and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you may be the thing people manifest, this is a kind of reverse Law of Attraction … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action – Do this and watch the magic happen!

Law of Attraction in Action Magic This is AMAZING! Trust me do this when you are in the flow of life and you will be blown away… I am super grateful right now!! whoo hoo hooooooooooo πŸ™‚ Enjoy πŸ™‚ Help … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action! Result!

The Law of Attraction in Action is amazing, when you get into your groove it really is possible to manifest any results you want in life… I am sharing my excitement, inspiration and positive vibes with you today… Dreams come … Continue reading