Letting go of resistance & being OK with it all ~ Emptying Our Vibrational Vessels

I started today meditating in the garden ~ new for me! Β I quietened down the mental chatter and stuck with it… Β i phone at the ready with the timer set to let me know once 15 minutes was UP…. Β Lots … Continue reading

How to be OK with the Negative Contrasty Crap of Life….. & Our Next Best Steps to Take…..

Its a beautiful life and everything is in perfect divine order ~ I know it may not always seem that way and it certainly hasn’t for me this week ~ that said it really is all about the way we … Continue reading

Disease despair powerlessness & the SCALE ~ DAY 3

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How I healed myself….. Law of attraction health & wellness

For more about my MoJo AkA my Magic and Sparkle CLick Here – Learn More About Liz Green LOA Queen – & Remember to sign up for my weekly newsletter – on theΒ right here on my blog, fill in your … Continue reading

Taking a New Point of View on my Illness and Disease (aKa Dis….ease)

If you know me already you will know that I call my Disease Dis….ease and I completely understand and appreciate that it is a manifestation of stresses and strains basically being out of ease with life – being uneasy – … Continue reading

Soothe Yourself Better….. Laugh Out Loud & Take the Bounce!

I sit with rainbows shining from the beautiful crystals in my window as the sunshines through and brightens up my evening. I just had to share a little post here with you all this evening…. Β I am so GRATEFUL to … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease Finding Balance & Feeling Well – Healing Disease

Finding balance for me was Key, here are a few tips which help me feel well on my healing journey from Menieres. I am so happy and grateful I am in the process of manifesting my ideal health and LoVe … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease Alternative Treatment that Works Like MaGiC! Amazing Results :)

For me this Alternative Treatment for Menieres Disease is a Miracle, I know it works well for others as well. Some people need to take it for a few months or so before it gets into your system, it IS … Continue reading

Meniere’s Disease & Manifesting My Ideal Health – From Disease to Ease…

It’s been a long time coming I have to share more about how I am helping myself and getting better and better everyday. Here I share more about my story – Meniere’s Disease & Manifesting My Ideal Health – From … Continue reading

Can Law of Attraction Help to Cure illness & Disease?

Just over 12 months ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, at the time I knew it was sent into my life to help me to grow, to see the contrast and clean up my ViBes surrounding it to feel … Continue reading