Imagination quotes to inspire positive change in life ~ Motivational Mind Movie

Motivational quotes to inspire you to use your imagination and live the life of your dreams.  Anything in life is possible all you need is the belief…. With Positive Vibes & Love, Liz ♥ PS ~ If I can help … Continue reading

Positive Affirmations, Quotes & Inspiration to Help You Create a Better Life :)

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Ellie Drake Inspiration Blossoming & Home Business Success

Ellie Drake Inspired me during a recent interview, her story similar to mine is about inspiring yourself, inspiring others and blossoming through home business success. When you are living your passions and moving towards your true purpose in life anything … Continue reading

Inspirational Quote About Life Change – Inspired Action & Vision

This quote just about sums it up… Think about it… So many people dream but do nothing, so many people take action but dont have goals and a vision for their future… Life changing stuff… In particular when it comes … Continue reading

Janet Atwood Inspiration to Change Your Life – plus 3 great questions for you :)

Janet Atwood Inspired me today I wanted to share and inspire you too 🙂 If you are not enjoying things in your life you have the choice to change things. You just need to have the faith and trust that … Continue reading

Success Quotes to Inspire & Ignite ~ Go for it!

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Getting Results Using the Law of Attraction – Take Inspired Action

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Law of Attraction + Taking Inspired Action to get Results

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Find Your Inner Strength & Power ~ Be in your element ♥

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Day 5 ~ Gratitude & Appreciation in the Malvern Hills :)

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen shares her inspiration about showing appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful things you experience in life. Expect a wonderful and fantastic week ahead 🙂 enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•  and if you do share and re-tweet ~ … Continue reading