? Live in your truth, connect with your passions & magic follows

 truth truːθ/ noun the quality or state of being true. For me living in my personal truth is a quality as it creates a different quality of life, a more magical one ? I’m not saying I am always 110% … Continue reading

Abraham hicks channeling & tuning into inner guidance

To join the Law of Attraction Believers Community 21 days of magic and my inner circle click here The LAB … Continue reading

Asking ~ Believing ~ Receiving & The Path of Least Resistance….. ♥

Guided to share this from my heart to yours ~ ♥ What would it take for everything to be ok? For you to relax, for you to believe, for you to know everything is already ok…. Ok, How do I do … Continue reading

Our Inner World ~ Divine Connections…. Divinely Connected…..

I am in total appreciation for the wonderful exchanges I am sharing with my magical friends, thank you for being here! I had a to Do or Not to Do feeling about sharing this so I instinctively knew I should, … Continue reading

Getting in Touch with the Inner You…. Inner Who?

Trust your vibes, trust your gut instinct, trust your inner guidance….  What’s coming up for you?  How do you feel about it?  What do you feel on a Heart and Soul level? I am sure most people will have heard … Continue reading

A Whole New World with Internal Guidance System Zen DeBrucke – Smart Soul Academy

If you are anything like me, when you think about having your own Internal Guidance System, something which can help you create a whole new and positive life, you can just feel the excitment bubbling up inside….  Let me share more… I … Continue reading

Internal Guidance System Zen Debrucke & Trusting Your Vibes – Amazing!

Zen Debrucke inspired me to look within and trust my internal guidance system, inner guide and trusting my own feelings and vibes. There is always a reason why we feel certain ways, when we can understand this and use it … Continue reading