The Secret Law of Attraction “Shifters” Switches & Triggers to Prove Law of Attraction IS REAL!

The Secret talks about picking something as a Law of Attraction “shifter” which lets you know on a regular basis that law of attraction is real and is in action all around us… Switches and Triggers to Prove it works…. … Continue reading

The Secret Behind The Secret – When You Are Ready YoU Will Hear It :)

The Secret is a superb introduction to the Law of Attraction, it’s the tip of an absolutely outstandingly wonderful ice-burg which serves as a great starting point to introduce people to The Law of Attraction, it is also the beginning … Continue reading

The Missing Key to The Secret & The Law of Attraction

I wish I had known this when I first learnt about the Secret & the Law of Attraction – For me this was the missing key to bring about the Personal & Financial Freedom I desired… I hope this helps … Continue reading

How to Use The Secret Law of Attraction Revealed – The Basics

The Secret by Rhona Byrne introduced me to the Law of Attraction, the book serves as a great starting point, The real Secret is what you continue to learn from this point onwards. Sharing my thoughts and inspiration which I … Continue reading