Flowing in the RIGHT Direction Clearing UP & Accepting EVERYthing…..

When we get the negative contrast this helps us to flow towards that which we DO want in life – the Positive Clarity…… I have been doing some personal “clearing up” and acceptance over this last week or so…. Feeling … Continue reading

Law of Attraction ASK these FAB Questions Watch the MaGiC Happen!

These questions work SO WELL with Law of Attraction – The UniVerse LOVES us to ask 🙂 Watch the magic happen my friends 🙂 How does it get any better than this… ? What Else is Possible? Thank you for … Continue reading

Law of Attraction ReMiNdER! Believe IT! See IT!

Simple REMINDER…. Believe IT – See IT 🙂 WHOOO HOOOO! 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes – click share…. For more about my MoJo AkA my … Continue reading

Law of Attraction The Secret Which Everyone is Now Realizing Works! At LAST!

It was about 7 years ago I first read the Secret & started to learn about the Law of Attraction as the journey unfolds it becomes clearer and clearer, once you get clear about what you want there is a … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Gratitude WHat You Thank About YOu Bring About….

Gratitude really is the Key to Law of Attraction in Action – I know you will have heard it all before its a worthwhile reminder – what you thank about you bring about…. It’s true! Thank you thank you thank … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action ReMiNDer…. Believe it See it! – Simple

Turn it around from “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “When I believe it I’ll see it” This is how law of attraction in action works… Simple 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember … Continue reading

STUCK? Remember From No Way a Way CAN Appear – It’s True!

Sometimes we can feel STUCK – heres a little reminder to say that from no way a way CAN appear, let me share my magical example and inspire you to stay in the UniVersal flow with the Law of Attraction … Continue reading

STUCK? Law of Attraction in Action ReMinDer! – Something We Sometimes Forget

Sometimes when we get “Stuck” we can forget a very important part of seeing the law of attraction in action in our lives….. Just sharing a little reminder to help you keep your dreams alive 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping … Continue reading

Interview with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen – Spreading the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back ♥

I was recently interviewed by Bertrand Dory of Design Your Dream Life on the Law of Attraction Radio Show I would LoVe to share it with you here today and hope to inspire you on your journey 🙂 Part 1 … Continue reading

The Secret Behind The Secret – When You Are Ready YoU Will Hear It :)

The Secret is a superb introduction to the Law of Attraction, it’s the tip of an absolutely outstandingly wonderful ice-burg which serves as a great starting point to introduce people to The Law of Attraction, it is also the beginning … Continue reading