We are enough ~ Just as we are ~ Everything else is just to enhance life!

Helloooooo! How are you?Β  I hope today is magical for you whatever the weather πŸ™‚Β Β  Its all good hey! This week I have been reminded by my inner spirit and fabulous “signs” and synchronicities that I and my life is … Continue reading

What are you choosing?

Its a Choice…. Its all a Choice…… Choose to go one way ~ Choose to go the other Choose happy path ~ Choose sad path Choose empowered path ~ Choose victim path Choose high vibed path ~ Choose low vibed … Continue reading

Releasing Resistance and Getting in Flow ~ Awakening & Remembering YOUr Life……..

I hope you are having a FAB day and hope to make it ever fabber (is that even a word.?! lol) I am fresh back from the Yorkshire dales and V excited to be sharing lots of high vibes with … Continue reading

Are you allowing fun into your life?

All donations lovingly appreciated πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

How much FUN can we have?

All donations lovingly appreciated πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

JOY? I can do it & you can DO it too

All donations lovingly appreciated πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

Happiness is a State of Mind & Fun is a Way of Life β™₯

Guidance flowing………. The choice is yours ~ be Happy be Sad ~ Have Fun or Don’t…. Β Whatever your current state of mind you have created it and you can un~create and recreate it at any point you choose. Β Limiting beliefs, … Continue reading

Is this YOUR Year? How to move on UP & get clarity about what you DO want…..

Remember this is your year of personal power energy, this is about you being true to who you really are on a heart and soul level…. When something is calling you follow this, trust your inner guidance and knowing which … Continue reading