When was the last time you felt relief ?

It may have come with a wash of tears 😭 It may have come with a happy dance 💃 It may have come with great news How did that feel? How would it be for you if you could feel that magical … Continue reading

Creating Magic in Your Life & Getting on Track ~ What are the possibilities?

When we commit to something it sends out a POWERFUL Signal to the Universe that we are serious about manifesting the magic we truly desire in our lives…  We take the inspired action the trust the universe ~ Allowing the … Continue reading

The Magic of Me….. & YOU

I’m nearly half way through my season 5 of the 21 days of magic  ~ its day 10 today which is about the 5th Universal Law which I feel is just a reflection of the Law of Attraction ~ The Law … Continue reading

Day 2 Part 1 21 days of Magic in the LAB – My Magical Life Flowing in….

Exciting stuff! Join the fun here – The LAB Community I look forward to playing out with you over at the LAB – Click here to join The Law of Attraction Believers Community Thank you for stopping by you are … Continue reading

Are You a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience or a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience?

I am currently working my way through an amazing book called Real Magic by a hero of mine Dr Wayne Dyer.  I just have to share Waynes summary of the spiritual dozen with you here today.  This is how you … Continue reading