Can Life Get Better Than This??? Here’s How…… I Believe ~ Do You?

A belief is a thought that we keep thinking ~ our beliefs create our reality ~ So why on earth would we keep thinking thought that no longer serve us? Β Whats that all about…. lol πŸ˜‰ Its been an energetic … Continue reading

What to do when you feel CRAP RUBBISH HORRIBLE & NO Good

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Why Can’t My Life Be Like This ALL The Time??? Name the Spoiler in Your Life! Free Your Mind :)

I won’t start with “It can!” otherwise you may click straight off and slip out of your great mood, with a slight mindset shift to the worries you may have in the back of your mind. Worries? Β What worries? You … Continue reading

How to Deal with Negative People & Situations – Moving on from the Inside Out….

Do you ever find yourself saying “Why, Oh Why do I keep finding myself in the same negative situations or surrounded by the same kind of negative people?” Β Do you sometimes feel you are going round in circles when it … Continue reading