Letting go of resistance & being OK with it all ~ Emptying Our Vibrational Vessels

I started today meditating in the garden ~ new for me!  I quietened down the mental chatter and stuck with it…  i phone at the ready with the timer set to let me know once 15 minutes was UP….  Lots … Continue reading

Rampage of Wellness & Clarity ~ Calling in Healthy Body Mind & Spirit

I shared this rampage first thing today ~ focusing on how I DO want to feel ~ How I would LOVE to feel  felt well enough to go for a wonderful walk in the snow and a bit of tree … Continue reading

Access Consciousness Clearing Statements Questions & Becoming Totally FREE, Healthy & Well

This is UnQiue and I feel it definitely helped me with my healing journey from Meniere’s Dis…..ease – I LOVE to learn about new healing processes and look forward to having a remote bars session soon….. More updates to follow! … Continue reading