Shining a Light on a More Magical Life… Whatever that be for you…

I had an interesting walk this morning, after being up since 5am with monkey mind chatter I was feeling rather frustrated with a little dash of anger mixed in.Β  The feelings were coming up due to some buttons I have … Continue reading

Re~Cycle those habits patterns and cycles that no longer serve…. Online workshop

When we make the conscious choice to let go of the feelings thoughts and emotions that no longer serve then we can start to change our cycles habits and patterns for the better. Β Its time to let go of yesterdays … Continue reading

What are you choosing?

Its a Choice…. Its all a Choice…… Choose to go one way ~ Choose to go the other Choose happy path ~ Choose sad path Choose empowered path ~ Choose victim path Choose high vibed path ~ Choose low vibed … Continue reading

Law of Attraction LIVE ~ Lets talk about Negative Vibes Avoidance Hiding it & Lifes MAGIC

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Negative contrast ~ being with it ~ shining a light on it

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Negative patterns…. Better the DEVIL you know?

All donations lovingly appreciated πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

Well Hello There My Fellow Positive Thinkers!

Wanna jump right on into the center of your positive vortex? Β  Are you ready for some fun now?!? Love it? All donations lovingly appreciated πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

What to do when things don’t go to plan

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