How to Stop Self Sabotaging Happiness Joy and Bliss~ful~filled Feelings….

Release Self Sabotage which stops happiness joy & bliss Do you ever find yourself reaching a point in life where things are going better than they were or maybe they are even going really well, or you are on the … Continue reading

Creating Magic in Your Life & Getting on Track ~ What are the possibilities?

When we commit to something it sends out a POWERFUL Signal to the Universe that we are serious about manifesting the magic we truly desire in our lives… Β We take the inspired action the trust the universe ~ Allowing the … Continue reading

In the studio at BBC radio Leeds

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Arriving at the radio station ~ & the proclaimers are on before me! Heehee!

& I would walk 500 miles & I would walk 500 more ~ all my walking is done I choose to live in easy world in easy flow on easy stream from this day forward πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

Its All Happening….

I felt really inspired to change one of the TABs on my website to Blog~a~licious ~ for starters I think its an amazingly delicious word secondly I have’t Blogged in ages… You know how much I love to talk on … Continue reading

Coming Back DOWN to Earth or Staying UP & HIGH on Life…..? feLIZ :)))))

It’s been a couple of weeks since I landed by from the City in the Sky, Machu Picchu, PERU-fect – put simply the TRIP of a Lifetime – the TRIP of my lifetime so far, thats for sure…. (& I … Continue reading

Why Can’t My Life Be Like This ALL The Time??? Name the Spoiler in Your Life! Free Your Mind :)

I won’t start with “It can!” otherwise you may click straight off and slip out of your great mood, with a slight mindset shift to the worries you may have in the back of your mind. Worries? Β What worries? You … Continue reading