Shining a Light on a More Magical Life… Whatever that be for you…

I had an interesting walk this morning, after being up since 5am with monkey mind chatter I was feeling rather frustrated with a little dash of anger mixed in.Β  The feelings were coming up due to some buttons I have … Continue reading

How to Stop Self Sabotaging Happiness Joy and Bliss~ful~filled Feelings….

Release Self Sabotage which stops happiness joy & bliss Do you ever find yourself reaching a point in life where things are going better than they were or maybe they are even going really well, or you are on the … Continue reading

Why OH Why all the UPs and DOWNS? Guidance flowing……

This last few weeks has been a rollercoaster of emotions for many, myself included ~ I was co-creating with some wonderful friends earlier and found myself asking the following to which instant guidance came a knocking ~ I wanted to … Continue reading

How does it get better than this?

Its been a rock and roller of a coaster week this week UP and Down ~ Round and Round! My OH My I have washed my eyeballs a few times this week and I am now feeling very grateful I … Continue reading

Why So Many Negatives? Attracting the Crap Stuff – Law of Attraction Transition Explained

Why do so many negatives have to happen? Attracting the crap, the negative stuff? You may be experiencing a transitional period, let me share more here…. This is the MOST important time to keep on keeping on. It will pass…. … Continue reading