Recycle Refresh Realign & SHINE! New You New YOUniverse coaching packages

As I share this here today its the full moon energy of the blue moon in Aquarius as well as the beginning of the Mayan white planetary wizard year. Β This is a powerful time for stepping into our greatness, letting … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Law of Attraction ~ Whats Lurking in the Shadows?

To shine a light on a more magical life sometimes we have to go into some dark rooms…. or forests πŸ˜‰Β  Hope you like the picture I took this morning….. I am learning to be more and more ok with … Continue reading

Abraham Hicks the Emotional Guidance Scale Process

I always use the emotional scale – in my life – in my coaching – to feel better and better and better….. I love that I manifested the wonderful Jerry Hicks sharing more details about what the Emotional Guidance Scale … Continue reading

Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why….?!?!?!? I Just Want to Feel GooD NoW!

Feelings seem to come and go flowing around so many of us at once…. I often find that I am resonating on the same vibe as many people around me which is wonderful both during the highs and the lows … Continue reading

Making the Best of the Good the Bad & The Ugly……

Lifes good you are feeling great, then all of a sudden Crash, Bang, Wallop! Β You hit the floor like a sack of spuds as another Challenge AkA “Opportunity to grow” arrives in your life….. Β When these come in the form … Continue reading

You CaN ALways Reach for a Better Feeling Thought! The KeY is Choosing to Do it β™₯βœΏβ™‘

This is an Excuse FRee Zone Β – You can always reach for a better feeling place no matter where you are starting from. The only sticking point is that you make the choice to do it. Β You can either click … Continue reading