Work vs Flow ~ Do You Ever Feel Like Your Are Trying TOO Hard?

Guidance coming…. Β Let me share I feel this will resonate with you too….. Do that which you are inspired to do, follow your heart and soul purpose of spreading your unique vibes ~ get inspired and follow the breadcrumbs…. Take … Continue reading

What to do about those pesky “Worry Beans”

Guidance coming through…… Why when the great things happen do the “worry beans” appear? What are the next best steps to take to keep flowing on easy stream? Its all good when you believe it to be. You are doing … Continue reading

Becoming Free Clearing the Past & Letting go….. β™₯

I have guidance to share I tuned into me and this is what came up ~ What should I do? Start from where you are right now and let the past go – release it start from right here right … Continue reading

Asking ~ Believing ~ Receiving & The Path of Least Resistance….. β™₯

Guided to share this from my heart to yours ~Β β™₯ What would it take for everything to be ok? For you to relax, for you to believe, for you to know everything is already ok…. Ok, How do I do … Continue reading