Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen on eXtreme LOA Summit Soak UP the ViBes

EXcited about eXtreme ViBes :)))) Yipeeeeeeeeeee Liz Green on LOA Summit More about LOA Summit Here Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes – click share…. For more about … Continue reading

Are You Holding Onto Your Inner Sparkle? (Sparks for the Guys! :) ))) Sharing My ViBes on the FRESH START

Would you LoVe to Unleash the REAL You but find yourself holding onto your Sparkle and Sparks that really really want to POP POP POP all over the place?  Be honest now…… I would LOVE to invite you to listen … Continue reading

Invitation to Soak Up the Vibes – The Truth About Liz Green The Law of Attraction Queen ♥

Bertrand Dory of Design Your Dream Life Interviewed me recently – this Interview was off the cuff unscripted from the heart and soul.  I invite you to soak up the vibes and enjoy learning more about the story of my … Continue reading

Be Inspired! Letter of the Future You Law of Attraction & Visioning

I have just written a letter about the future me and it felt AmAzing!  LoVed this :))) I feel this is a powerful exercise when working with the Law of Attraction, Visioning your future as you write it out… Thank … Continue reading

Free Coaching – Beyond Discovery Interview with Lisa Malloy The Visioning Coach

This interview has already taken place, you can listen to the recording here – Lisa Malloy Interview Listen here Saturday February 12th at 11AM EST (US) Phone: 001 (US) 712-432-8730 and enter Pin 32345 Join Richard Kronick and Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards … Continue reading

Interview with Sean Stephenson – It’s Time to Get OFF Your But!

Our special guest is ………….. Sean Stephenson Expected to die at birth, Sean Stephenson has faced an army of reasons to give up and countless opportunities to embrace pity. He suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age 18, reached … Continue reading

Interview with Amethyst Wyldfyre The Torch of Transformation Creator of CORE Path Program – FREE Guest Invite

Our special guest is ………….. Amethyst Wyldfyre Amethyst is the creator of the CORE Path Program. If you’re at a place where you KNOW deep in your heart that it’s time to move to the next level and yet you … Continue reading

Interview with Ellie Drake Savvy Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

Our special guest is ………….. Ellie Drake Tuesday September 14th at 5PM EST (US) / 10PM GMT (UK) Ellie Drake, is a luminary on LifePath Unlimited’s Discovery Series. Savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, in-demand motivational speaker, doctor and inspiration to men … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick spiritual growth facilitator

Our special guest is………….. Tuesday August 3rd at 5 PM EST (US) / 10 PM GMT (UK) …Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the early 1980s when she had a remarkable experience that awakened her to the understanding … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview Martin Latulippe Expert in Human Potential

Transformational Tuesdays ~ Patrick’s special guest is………….. Martin Latulippe Tuesday July 27th at 5 PM EST (US) / 10 PM GMT (UK) …Martin Latulippe, in addition to being a Personal Devlopment Luminary, is a 4 time Best Selling author and … Continue reading